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Cottage of  LOVE

"In the midst of tea plantations, facing a valley, with a stream in front and a deep gorge beyond, the cottages the client wanted was perfectly placed. It required worthy architecture which was of the place but still was unique. The one other important point which had to be noted was the user - Couples. 


The design was based on the simple yet effective philosophy of phenomenology. The user comes first and the experiences which the couples will have during their stay. Firstly, the closeness and warmth the couples experience was translated into a narrowed down volume, which would increase the closeness and warmth. The cot was taken out of the equation by placing the bed on the floor, which is further enhanced by sky light glass, right above the bed, through which they could see the sky, the stars and the moon and experience the rain enhancing the romantic scenery inside. 

The Cottages, on a whole will serve the purpose of enhancing the environment to make love, in the cold, enchanting and scenic hills- THE NILGIRIS."


Couple rooms


Sutton Estate, The Nilgiris




Awaiting approvals